Service USB core

Here you can find the description of the Service USB core, the basic USB interface for Apple Macintosh

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Service USB coreService USB core is used as the base for proprietary development. It is an open frame printed circuit with four digital inputs and four digital outputs.

The I/O ports work with 5V logic and have no protection against overvoltage. The large assortment of additional software makes it possible to control the interface of nearly every program.




Service USB core



Service USB core has the following connections and interfaces:

  • An USB connector at the back in the centre. Power is supplied to Service USB core via the USB interface.
  • Four red LEDs for the status indication of each input.
  • Four red LEDs for the status indication of each output.
  • One green LED shows that the Macintosh driver has been connected and that the interface is working properly. This LED must always be on during use.
  • One 74HCT244 mounted on a holder, which works as a buffer between the microcontroller and the I/O lines
  • One strip connector with 2.54mm (0.1") clearance connects to the 4 inputs, 4 outputs and 5V auxiliary voltage.
  • One resettable fuse between USB and buffer-IC. The green LED indicates that there is no short.
  • Four distance pieces with metric screw thread M3 for mounting the board in self made apparatus.



Service USB core







System requirements

A Macintosh with USB and OSX 10.5 to 10.8 is required to operate Service USB plus. Up to 100 Service USBs can be run on a Macintosh.



Scope of delivery

  • Service USB core (printed circuit board)
  • USB A/B cable
  • CD-ROM with driver and a lot of sample programs
  • OSX-Examples for:
  • Runtime Revolution (via External)
  • RealBasic (via plug in)
  • AppleScript (via OSAX)
  • FileMaker (via AppleScript)
  • Ragtime (via AppleScript)
  • Xcode C/C++,Cocoa,Carbon(via Framework)
  • Java (Xcode und BlueJ via JNI-Wrapper)
  • UNIX-Shell (via command line tool)
  • Telnet (via TCP_Server Programm)
  • MaxMSP (via driver)
  • Scratch (via remote sensor connection)
  • Adobe Director (via Xtra)
  • Scratch (via Remote Sensor)
  • 4th Dimension (via external)


USB interfaces - overview

Product Service USB plus Service USB classic Service USB core Service USB RS232
Digital inputs



8 4 1
Digital outputs

8x 12V/1,3A


8x 9V/0,2A 4 1
Analog inputs





0 0
RS232 1 1 0 1
Power supply built in 115/230V external plug 115/230V from USB from USB
Housing Aluminium Plastics open frame Sub D 25 connector
Intended use Complete box for professionals fischertechnik® Base for self developed electronics

USB/RS232 converter Receipt printer

Service USB family
On the picture you can see all three Interface models (from left to right)
Service USB RS232 - Service USB plus - Service USB classic - Service USB core