Service USB Classic - Interface

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Here you can find the description of the Service USB classic, the variable USB interface for Apple Macintosh



Service USB classicService USB classic is the fischertechnik® interface for Apple Macintosh. The Name Service is derived from "serial variable interface". USB indicates the possibilities for connecting using the universal Serial Bus.


Since twenty years Bönig und Kallenbach oHG is the manufacturer of the fischertechnik®-Interface for Apple-Macintosh.

As occasion demands, the interface is modernised to held the hard- and software up to date and is so far in use 2000 times both in homes and school.

Last update was in 2008 and the actual version is named ServiceUSB classic. It is an universal, cascading interface with USB connection and rich software support for Apple-Macintosh.

It has eight each digital inputs and outputs as well as two analogue inputs with ten bit resolution. Service USB classic is preferentially used for triggering fischertechnik® models and various types of motors, lamps, relays, feelers and sensors.


Service USB classic



All inputs and outputs are short-circuit-proof and secured against crossing poles insofar as the recommended power pack Service USB power (9V= /1,3A) is used.


With the digital inputs it recognises the states of switches and contacts. With the analogue inputs it recognises the values of variable resistors, of temperature sensors or light sensitive resistors.

With the digital outputs it controls motors and switches lights on and off.



Not only for fischertechnik®

Of course many other things can be triggered by Service USB classic. These include all kinds of relays, motors, stepper motors, model railways, heating controls...


Furthermore, you can carry out complex measured value recording with temperature sensors, fluid level displays, pressure and light sensors.

On request we can also manufacture special versions with banana jacks, industrial housings, optoelectric couplers etc. according to your requirements. Just ask us! Or read the more detailed information in the sections on special electronics or Mac accessories.



System requirements

To operate Service USB classic you will need a Macintosh with USB connection and OSX 10.5 - 10.8. The Service USB Driver is universal binary and supports both Power PC- and Intel-based Macintosh computers.


A current-limiting power pack (7-15V max. 1.3A) is required for using the digital outputs. More than 100 Service USB can be operated on one Macintosh.



Brief description

Service USB classicService USB classic has eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs and two analogue inputs. The interface is connected to the USB connection of the Macintosh whereby the more then 100 Service USB can be operated simultaneously.


Service USB classic is supplied with power from the USB-Bus. An external power pack is only required to operate the digital power outputs.

The digital inputs are operated with TTL levels (0V/5V). The two analogue inputs operate in the range of 0 to 200k Ohm or 0 to 5V with an entry resistance of 4,7k Ohm. The resolution is ten bit. The outputs operate in the range of 7-15V with a maximum of ± 200mA. They switch to zero volt or + supply voltage (full bridge operation).

All inputs are secured with a resistance network and damping diodes against overvoltage and undervoltage up to ± 15V. The outputs are short-circuit-proof to ground, temperature protected and also suitable for inductive loads (motors).

Twenty-two LEDs constantly display the states of the inputs and outputs as well as further operating parameters.

Directly triggerable via AppleScript, Runtime Revolution, RealBasic, DirectorMX, 4th Dimension, Scratch, FileMaker, Ragtime and other programs via AppleScript.



Scope of delivery / Package contents

Service USB classic

  • Service USB classic (Interface/coupling unit)
  • USB A/B cable
  • CD-ROM with driver software and programming examples
    • Runtime Revolution (via External)
    • RealBasic (via plug in)
    • AppleScript (via OSAX)
    • FileMaker (via AppleScript)
    • Ragtime (via AppleScript)
    • Xcode C/C++, Cocoa, Carbon (via Framework)
    • Java (Xcode and BlueJ via JNI-Wrapper)
    • UNIX-Shell (via command line tool)
    • MaxMSP (via driver)
    • Scratch (via remote sensor connection)
    • DirectorMX (via Xtra)
    • 4th Dimension (via external)
  • In addition a RealBasic demo version, QuickTime films of fischertechnik® models and detailed instructions.



fischertechnik® units

The following fischertechnik® units are supported in this version of Service USB classic:


There are sophisticated examples in RealBasic for all models of these units.




The triggering of fischertechnik® models is preferentially implemented under RealBasic. For the units Industry Robots, Pneumatic Robots, Computing Starter Pack, Bionic Robots, Training Robot and Cornelsen Experimenta there are finished programs in the folder "fischertechnik...".


These are independent runnable programs, also with the source code available. The source code is contained in the project files, which can be recognised by the tag ".rbp". To be able to alter the source codes you must have RealBasic development environment available.

You can access the current version and a demo version on the internet under


Plug power pack




Service USB powerThe plug power pack type Service USB power (9V= /1,3A) for operating the outputs is recommended for all fischertechnik® models. It is short-circuit-proof, protected against over- and undervoltage and ensures safe operation.

Input voltage: 100 - 240V Universal input. Service USB power is supplied with EU, UK and US plugs.


Plug power pack



USB interfaces - overview

Product Service USB plus Service USB classic Service USB core Service USB RS232
Digital inputs



8 4 1
Digital outputs

8x 12V/1,3A


8x 9V/0,2A 4 1
Analog inputs





0 0
RS232 1 1 0 1
Power supply built in 115/230V external plug 115/230V from USB from USB
Housing Aluminium Plastics open frame Sub D 25 connector
Intended use Complete box for professionals fischertechnik® Base for self developed electronics

USB/RS232 converter Receipt printer

Service USB family
On the picture you can see all four Interface models (from left to right)
Service USB RS232 - Service USB plus - Service USB classic - Service USB core