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Here you can find the description of the Service USB plus, the variable USB interface for Apple Macintosh

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Service USB plusService USB plus is the professional version of his "small brother" Service USB classic and is best used in laboratories, fairs and for industrial purposes.

It has an integrated wide range power supply and can be used all over the world on every power outlet.

The digital outputs can directly drive lamps, relays and motors up to 15 watt. The inputs can retrieve the status from switches and push buttons as well as the analog value from sensors in the range of 0-5V.

The scope of delivery includes a lot of Software, so that you can use the Interface of nearly every Macintosh-Program.



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Service USB plus

Where to use

Service USB plus has been proven in professional implementations for industry, tradeshows and entertainment. It can be used for example to drive special effects such as flashes or fog machines directly from Macromedia Director MX for concerts or tradeshows.

Further examples for using Service USB plus include complex measurement value logging with temperature, liquid, pressure or light sensors as well as remote control of slide projectors, relays, step motors, switches or push buttons. By combining multiple Service USB interfaces, up to 800 input and output channels can be handled by a single Apple Macintosh computer.

With Service USB plus, real-world devices can be controlled directly from standard Macintosh applications and programming languages such as AppleScript, Runtime Revolution, RealBasic, DirectorMX, 4th Dimension, FileMaker, Ragtime, MaxMSP, Scratch, C, C++, Cocoa, Java, Carbon and the UNIX-Shell. Service USB ships with a complete SDK including drivers, sample applications and documentation.

For connecting external devices, Service USB plus offers eight digital input, eight digital output and two analog input lines. The state of connections is displayed on 26 LEDs providing a visual control during operation. Service USB plus ships in a compact and robust aluminum case including 21 cable clamps for connecting control lines, a 25-pole standard connector replicating all signals and an RS232 interface for controlling additional devices.

In the case that Service USB plus does not match to your needs, we can develop special version for you.

Service USB plus is a standard interface and a technology. Standard interface means, that there is a box with some digital I/O which will solve a lot of customers tasks. Technology means that we can create other interfaces, made to customers needs. In the past, we made a lot of custom designs on this technology, like different kinds of motor control, film positioning and exposure units, scientific instruments and so on.


System requirements

A Macintosh with USB and or OSX 10.5 to 10.8 is required to operate Service USB plus. For using the 12V/1,3A power outputs you must connect the interface to a 115 or 230V power outlet.

The Service USB Driver is universal binary and supports both Power PC- and Intel-based Macintosh computers. Up to 100 Service USB plus units can be controlled out of one Macintosh.



Service USB plus

Here is the detailed description of all connectors and lamps.


  • One USB connector on the right. Most functions are powered by this. Only the outputs are powered by the built in power supply, because the USB does not deliver enough power for this function.
  • One LED „USB". It must glow all the times, if the Macintosh-Driver can correspond to the Service USB plus - this LED will show the correct function.
  • One LED „12V" is connected to the internal 12V power supply.The power supply is only used for the digital outputs. If this LED is switched on, the outputs can be used.
  • Two light bars with four LEDs each show the value of the analog inputs.
  • Sixteen LEDs show the status of the digital inputs and outputs
  • 21 cage clamps are mounted to the top for a fast connection of single wires and cords. All eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs and two analogue inputs are connected to this clamps as well as GND, 5V and 12V.
  • One Sub D25 male connector on the upper left is connected with the same signals as the cage clamps.
  • One SUBD 9 male connector on the lower left is the RS232 gateway. The RS232 can send and receive up to 19200 Baud. It is not possible to control the interface via RS232. The RS232 is controlled by the Macintosh and is used for connecting serial devices.




The CD contains a generic driver, many examples and support for the following programs and frameworks:

  • Runtime Revolution (via External)
  • RealBasic (via plug in)
  • AppleScript (via OSAX)
  • FileMaker (via AppleScript)
  • Ragtime (via AppleScript)
  • Xcode C/C++, Cocoa, Carbon (via Framework)
  • Java (Xcode and BlueJ via JNI-Wrapper)
  • UNIX-Shell (via command line tool)
  • MaxMSP (via driver)
  • Scratch (via remote sensor connection)
  • DirectorMX (via Xtra)
  • 4th Dimension (via external)


Technical Information

  • Measurements: 175mm x 105mm x 45mm / 6.8 x 4.1 x 1.8 inch (width x depth x height)
  • Weight: 530g / 1,2 lbs
  • Data transfer: USB (Universal Serial Bus Version 1)
  • USB current consumption: < 100mA
  • Supply voltage: 115/230V 50-60Hz, 20W
  • Fuses: self resetting
  • Digital inputs: 8
  • Input level: 0V / 5V
  • Input resistance: 4.7kOhm
  • Analogue inputs: 2
  • Input level: 0 - 4,096V, 0 - 200kOhm
  • Input resistance: 4,7kOhm
  • Resolution: 12 bit
  • Digital outputs: 8
  • Output voltage: 12V
  • Output current: 1.3A
  • Maximum data rate: 2000 values per second for all digital and analogue inputs simultaneously
  • Display: 26 LEDs
  • Protection against reverse voltage, overloading and underloading as well as temperature protection.
  • Case protection category: IP30
Service USB Klemmen



USB interfaces - overview

Product Service USB plus Service USB classic Service USB core Service USB RS232
Digital inputs



8 4 1
Digital outputs

8x 12V/1,3A


8x 9V/0,2A 4 1
Analog inputs





0 0
RS232 1 1 0 1
Power supply built in 115/230V external plug 115/230V from USB from USB
Housing Aluminium Plastics open frame Sub D 25 connector
Intended use Complete box for professionals fischertechnik® Base for self developed electronics

USB/RS232 converter Receipt printer

Service USB family
On the picture you can see all four Interface models (from left to right)
Service USB RS232 - Service USB plus - Service USB classic - Service USB core