Service USB RS232 - seriell converter

Service USB RS232 is an USB-serial converter which supports FileMaker, 4th Dimension and a lot of other programs.

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Service USB serialService USB RS232 is the smallest "member" of the series of the universal USB interfaces. It is using the same software as Service USB classic and Service USB plus, but has only the RS232 implemented.

Service USB RS232 is reduced to the minimum possible size and is housed inside the Sub D25 connector. As opposed to ordinary USB/ RS232 converters an abundant supply of software is part of our complete package.

Thus Service USB RS232 can be used by almost every program. Programs, which never have seen a serial port, like FileMaker, 4th Dimension or AppleScript can control the RS232 port.


Service USB serial



If you buy our receipt printer or barcode label printer, there is no need to order this USB/RS232 converter separately. It is included in scope of delivery of the printer. It looks like a normal computer cable and you take no notice of the RS232 drive.


Scope of delivery / Package contents

  • Service USB RS232 (the USB/RS232 adapter cable)
  • CD-ROM with driver and a lot of sample programs
  • OS9 samples for RealBaisc 3.5, Apple-Script, Macromedia-Director 8, Filemaker 4, HyperCard, 4th Dimension, Ragtime 5, MaxMSP, CodeWarrior 6 and 7
  • OSX samples for Runtime Revolution, RealBasic 4.5, AppleScript, FileMaker 6+7, Ragtime 5, XCode, 4thDimension, MaxMSP, Macromedia Director MX8, Java, LabView and CodeWarrior 7
  • Extra sample code for 4thDimension and FileMaker using receipt and barcode printer


System requirements

To operate Service USB RS232 you will need a Macintosh with USB connection and system 8.6 to 9.2 or MacOS X 10.1.5 up.

Service USB RS232 is adapted for MacOS X 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 and 10.5.

The Service USB Driver is universal binary and supports both Power PC- and Intel-based Macintosh computers.


USB interfaces - overview

Product Service USB plus Service USB classic Service USB core Service USB RS232
Digital inputs



8 4 1
Digital outputs

8x 12V/1,3A


8x 9V/0,2A 4 1
Analog inputs





0 0
RS232 1 1 0 1
Power supply built in 115/230V external plug 115/230V from USB from USB
Housing Aluminium Plastics open frame Sub D 25 connector
Intended use Complete box for professionals fischertechnik® Base for self developed electronics

USB/RS232 converter Receipt printer

Service USB family
On the picture you can see all four Interface models (from left to right)
Service USB RS232 - Service USB plus - Service USB classic - Service USB core